Lattice SPLIT, the best lattice for your project
Nuestro catálogo de celosías aporta un universo de imaginación y de diseño enfocado para el sector del interiorismo y la arquitectura. Apostamos por diseños actuales y retros utilizando piezas de gran tamaño. Todos nuestros diseños SON PERSONALIZABLES Y A MEDIDA. Nuestras celosías demamba pueden tener un uso interior o exterior y con ellas conseguir separación de ambientes, fachadas, tamización solar, techos, etc… En DEMAMBA somos versátiles en los acabados y dimensiones, personalizando nuestro producto para obtener el mejor resultado para nuestro cliente. Nuestro producto, celosías demamba, está diseñado para su uso en locales comerciales, hoteles, casas particulares y cualquier espacio público, así como en para todo tipo de interiores. Damos una herramienta interesante para arquitectos, interioristas, prescriptores y público en general para crear espacios únicos y a medida.
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Lattice Split

Model Split

Ref 0010


If you want a unique and special project, this is your collection of lattices. From DEMAMBA would like to give you some ideas to put our lattices in your design such as ceiling, in a room division, in a head of a bed, in a facade as second skin of the building, and so on.  We have a great variety of lattices and panels for architects and interior designers. We can find out more lattices in our catalog.

Our primary goal is to provide specific solutions in each case. We would like to detail some attribute of our lattices and panels:

  • Our lattices can be used indoor or/and outdoor.
  • You choose the colour
  • Lattice with a custom size
  • If you want you could send us your design. We are going to try to make it
  • Great variety of models/frames
  • Great variety of raw materials

Regarding to measures, our collections have a standard measure. However, we want to keep our traders satisfied therefore we can adapt to the specific requirements of each type of project.

Depending on the material used it can also have a use for indoor or outdoor. We have a wide range of materials: stainless Steel, aluminium, lacquered aluminium, galvanized , composite panel, solid surface, demamba, expand hd, steel, corten steel, fiberboard wood, mdf wood and so on. You can have more information in our page of materials.

Finally, if you have a SPECIAL PROJECT, we make it! If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us!!! We will make it reality, Don’t worry we try to make your project, visit our special projects! No matter whether it’s a shape in 3D, a wall panel or a new design of lattice..

Visit other models of lattices. All our lattices can be modified for you. Consult us!! We are at your disposal. You must not miss this opportunity!

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